Testimonial & Liz’s Commitment to You


My expertise and experience in coaching provides a safe and sacred space to express your deepest anxieties with compassion. My training as a spiritual psychotherapist allows me to unlock and reflect to you your hidden blockages and limited belief systems that are holding you back from your truest expression of self so that we may trancend them together. Through our one on one counselling sessions, I will invite you to embrace your power, create more compelling and fulfilling goals for yourself, become a powerful, heart-centered leader, connect to the wisdom and brilliance you hold inside and to make it a practice of remembering how sacred and important you are! The more this happens, the more you will live your individual life with enthusiasm, love and satisfaction, and the more we, collectively as women, will transform our communities and heal the world.

Liz creates a welcoming and nurturing space. She took me on a journey that allowed me to remember my inner strength. She taught me practical mindset skills that helped move quickly towards my goals quickly, easily and sustainable something that I didn’t think was possible before our work together. Sara James – New Entrepreneur

I had been stuck for so long, I knew there was more that I wanted to be doing. I had hit a plateau in my career and I was looking to take a jump into something bigger. I had a lot of potential and dreams but didn’t know where to start. I had tried a many self-help books and courses but nothing seemed to work for me. Liz helped me unlock my deepest source of power, my energy body! Leading me to reach my fullest capacity and peak performance. Mika Johnson – Executive