Renew & Restore Experience

Self-care, self-love are essential pieces to our happiness.

As women we are more prone to neglect our own needs, because we are focused on care taking for others. Maybe we feel guilty for taking the time out to care for ourselves.

Here is the thing…. if we don’t take time to restore and renew ourselves no one will…. we can become worn out, stressed out, and run down.  The ripple effect of this choice can have a larger ripple effect on our whole being. We may become physically ill, emotionally and spiritually unhappy.

Self care means treating yourself as valuable and deserving. How are you taking care of you today?

Awaken Your Bliss works with the healing modalities of restorative yoga, reiki, essential oils and acupressure release massage. Awaken Your Bliss also offers urban rejuvenating retreats and workshops to help you develop self-care rirutals. 

Book your 90 min session and step into a rejuvenating and relaxing quiet practice and restorative yoga. Journey through a restorative movement sequence complimented by aromatherapy, reiki and hands on healing techniques of acupressure. Create ease and spaciousness in body, mind and breath with this deeply nourishing practice.