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Dear One

Dear One

Many of us are feeling an inner nudging to grow and change and contribute to the shifting times in our planet. We are hungry for a greater connection to our genuine truth, sensing a calling to our next level of aliveness. We want to feel emotional and intuitively empowered, valuing and developing our instincts, claiming our inner wise woman and ignite our creative spark.

Do you want to fully and powerfully know, accept and love yourself? Are you ready to claim your truest value, your sense of worth, your full creativity and your high level of talent and insight? Do you sense it’s time to step more fully into your authentic voice, your true passion, and into your unique talents and purpose? Are you ready to make a positive difference in the world?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then I would like to invite you to do be part of Awaken Your Bliss Community.

You will be invited to embrace your power, create more compelling and fulfilling goals for yourself, become a powerful, heart-centered leader, connect to the wisdom and brilliance you hold inside and to make it a practice of remembering how sacred and important you are!! I know that the more this happens, the more you will live your individual life with enthusiasm, satisfaction and love.

What is a life coach?

What is a life coach?

My roll as Coach is to work with you to:

  • Connect you to your highest sense of self so that you are able to move into the world in a centred and authentically way
  •  Honor your body and connect with the innate wisdom and brilliance you hold inside
  • Reclaim all parts of yourself so that you feel fulfilled and whole
  • Manage and move through your fears and limiting beliefs
  • Tapping into your inner wisdom so that we can move beyond any “should”s or “have to”s and instead create a vision for your life and work that energizes you
  • Transforming your over-booked and overwhelming schedule so that you flow through your life with effectiveness, ease, joy, and wellbeing
  • fully step forward and let yourself and your work shine

Please email me at if this offering resonates and aligns with you to setup our Free initial session and see if we are a good fit. Love and blessings always,